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Go Dog Go

GoDogGo G4 Ball Machine for Dogs

AUD 259.00 New

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20/2/18: We have some 2nd hand GoDog G4 machines available for $210. Please contact us on 03 9418 3934 if you are interested.

GoDogGo is the world's first fetch machine for dogs. This original & award-winning remote controlled automatic ball launcher has been designed specifically for dogs & allows for Independent fetch or owner-controlled play with remote.

It's simple to use, just turn it on and set it to shoot a ball every 4, 7 or 15 seconds. You can set it to shoot between 5 and 10 metres (can even shoot 14+ metres depending on conditions). It holds 15 balls (suits balls of sizes 4.5 cm/1.75 inch - 6.3 cm/2.5 inch) and even comes with its own remote control! Just to name a few of the ball styles GoDogGo works with: tennis balls, Kong balls, Chuckit balls, HyperPet balls, racquet balls and many more.

It comes standard with 3 tennis balls and an Australian 240v AC Adaptor or you can run it off six "D" sized batteries. You will get around 25+ hours of play when using batteries.

Its adjustable range makes it suitable for use in driveways, backyards, and even basements. And since it weighs just 5 kgs, it's easily transported to the local park.

It has a remote control which can change the speed settings or launch a ball on command. With its solid construction and convenient built-in carrying handle, it will stand up to years of use. And its single motor design is engineered to provide years of trouble-free service.

NEW WIDE MOUTH ERGO Bucket with Wider Lip: New sloped bucket is designed for dogs for easy independent, interactive fetch & wider lip for easy, comfortable transport.


The GoDogGo G4 comes with a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee offering a 100% refund of your money less any shipping fees. You are welcome to try this product out with your dog. If he/she doesn't love it, simply return it with 30 days.


GoDogGo Remote Fetch is backed by a six month warranty covering both parts and labor. 

Go Dog Go
Speed Km/h
5m - 14m toss
Ball Feed Interval
4, 7 or 15 seconds
Battery Life
Approx 25+ hours
Ball Capacity
H/Duty Battery
As above
Specifications subject to change without notice.


Tennis Warehouse Australia is an authorised dealer of GoDogGo ball machines in Australia and New Zealand.

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Customer Reviews

Develope tennis skills

I have been looking for a tennis ball machine for ages, but the price of them is too much for me. Recently I saw one of these machines on the internet and thought that it could be good enough for what I wanted as a ball machine so I purchased one. I have found that once I got used to the bounce that it was great for developing my tennis strokes.I have got my wife interested in tennis again by using it.

Review by Bazza (Posted on 10/01/2018)

Works well - but take care

Overall the machine works quite well.

The only problem we have had is the micro switch bent slightly when the unit was being cleaned with a cloth. This stopped lighter balls triggering it and caused heavier ones to throw off to the side.

Disassembly and careful straightening of the switch fixed the problem.

Although available as a spare part, the use of a small longer lever (prone to bending) micro is not ideal. The manufacturer should look at using an optical sensor to alleviate this problem.

Overall we are very happy with the unit. Our dog learnt to use it quickly and aside from the micro switch alignment it seems very robust.

Just take care when wiping it down as it didn't take much to bend the micro in our case.

Review by R & J (Posted on 3/01/2018)

Slow dog

This product is awesome. Kimba is loving her GoDogGo. She has only had it a few weeks and just has to conquer dropping the ball in the bucket. She will she's only young. But I recommend this product.

Review by Jennifer (Posted on 17/11/2016)

impatient dog

Got a GoDogGo for my son's jack russell, loves the balls but he immediately figured out that the ball sat in the 'well' for a couple of seconds before it launched and tried to grab it out first, risking a hard ball in his face or eye. Doubt if can train the dog to wait for the ball to launch, when he can see the ball sitting there and tries to grab it. Had it for 30 days before I even gave it to him or would return it for refund. Silly thing.

Review by dave (Posted on 4/10/2016)

Product as advertised

My dog Bo loves this machine ... takes a while to train her and she has a habit of chewing the balls to pieces but worth the effort.

Review by Mark (Posted on 12/09/2016)

We love it

Having surgery on both feet meant no walks for a while so I order the machine. My cattle dog took to it at once, almost immediately returning the ball to the bucket. He reads the noise and knows when it is about to launch.

Review by Marj (Posted on 12/09/2016)

Great product

As a trainer I am always excited about new products and also very wary that they won't live up to expectation. Given this was expensive and had to come to NZ I was nervous about the purchase but Tennis Warehouse service was very prompt and I received the machine within days and love it. I knew I would have to do some training with my boy as he is very wary of noise and the toy is for him but that is coming along really well. He was already trained to put balls in a bucket so that bit was easy. My girl, who is not great at fetch, is using it for fetch training and she loves it. I've taught her to stand back as she is one of those who would put their head in where the ball comes from. And as an added bonus I've been able to use it to train client dogs, one in particular stopped fence barking due to work with this product and changing the emotional response to dogs next door. The key is for people not to expect their dogs to just get it and roll with it. Take the time to teach them and show them how this works or better yet get a professional in to help. Great product.

Review by Maria (Posted on 6/09/2016)

My dog is petrified of the G4

I am sure that this is a great product but unfortunately my dog is scared of the noise. She won't go outside if it is there so I had to pack it away. Not sure what to do with it now???

Note from TWA: Redsupie, please contact us so that we can arrange a return and refund of your GoDogGo. We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee for this product for the exact reason you have cited.

Review by Redsupie (Posted on 29/08/2016)

Great machine

My dog loves it!

Review by Claudia (Posted on 17/08/2016)

Doesn't stop

The dog can't get the bit about putting the ball in the bucket but will chase balls endlessly. She sits near the machine each morning waiting to play. Bad thing is that she tries to grab the ball before its ejected and bends the sensor.

Review by Rubee (Posted on 16/08/2016)

A great night's sleep

Took one go and the dogs knew what to do- they played for an hour then slept all night. What a great invention. Anyone that has a dog try it. The best thing we ever purchased.

Review by Sleep (Posted on 15/08/2016)

2 happy Jack Russells

My Jack Russells love the machine. Played for hours. I see a lot of people complaining about the noise. I personally agree too that it is noisy. But my dogs may disagree as they use the noise to prepare to chase the ball. Overall my dogs is loving it.
Notes: recommended for outdoor use only. Our ceiling did not like it when he tried to use it in the house.

Review by Andrew (Posted on 21/07/2016)

Loved it

Took a bit of effort to get dog used to noise but leave her outside and she plays for hours

Review by Matthew (Posted on 20/07/2016)

Great gift idea!

Bought the product as a present for a friend's dog. He is still getting the hang of returning the balls back to the bucket. But it was good excerise for the humans with balls retrieval too.

Review by Angie (Posted on 13/07/2016)

Great idea

The machine is awesome. Unfortunately for us, our dog is absolutely terrified of the noise it makes and runs in to the shed and hides. He is a big dog who has never been afraid of anything before and is obsessed with tennis balls but this is not going to work for him.

Review by Jo (Posted on 30/06/2016)

GoDogGo G4 Ball machine

my dogs love chasing the balls when they get launched especially the young wears them out ,its great.

Review by Raelene (Posted on 28/06/2016)

this is my dogs second machine

My dogs love theier godoggo that after 4 years of 20-40 balls a day their original machine died and when it didnt work my heeler had a tamtrum and destroyed the ball bucket part. I thought that seeing the original machine lasted this long and got punished , that my dogs deserved a new one.My heller goes into histerics when machine is loaded and the other dogs arent allowed near it.
Its also good entertainment for a group of you children, we had an afternoon party, with kids invited and it kept them entertained for ages, they where more entertaining than the dogs.
thankyou Tennis warehouse for stocking a quality machine

Review by David (Posted on 25/05/2016)

Concept is good.

There is no disputing that the concept of this product is a good one however the noise it makes when preparing and then launching the ball scares my dog (Note: This review was written about the G3 model, the new G4 model has a more silent operation). She is very wary and will not go near it and even takes a wide berth around it when it's not even on. This means there is zero chance of her "returning" the ball to the bucket so that it can relaunch it again which unfortunately defeats the entire purpose. She will only return the balls to us and wants us to go and place in the bucket so all in all it has been a very expensive waste of time but for the right dog (and i thought ours was because she is solely ball focused), it could be the best thing ever. If only we could have hired one for a week to see what she thought before outlaying all that money for something that is never going to be used in the manner in which it was intended. You live and learn. Back to good old fashioned ball throwing for us.

Review by Heidi (Posted on 27/12/2015)

heaps of fun

My JR small as she is goes crazy with excitement when she sees the balls being loaded and prepares herself for the clicking sound that tells her the ball is about to fly high. The bigger dog runs away as the firing noise scares him (Note, this review was written about the G3 model, the new G4 model has a quieter operation).

Review by jasminda (Posted on 12/12/2015)

Don't buy the G3 model!

The machine makes a loud noise which completely unnerves my Border Collie who, will fetch for hours - literally (note, this review was written about the G3 model, the new G4 model has a quieter operation). My dog wouldn't go near the porch where I set it up for two days. I gave it to my son, who also has Border Collie and he had the exact same negative experience. Don't buy the G3 model. A great concept but obviously an unpleasant experience for your dog.

Review by Skip Busto (Posted on 4/12/2015)

Great concept, poor execution

Loved the idea of this for my ball crazy dog, unfortunately for us it did not live up to our expectations. The old G3 model that I purchased is very noisy for a start and as I have a dog who is scared of some noises, he didn't like it and wouldn't get too close (note the new G4 model has a quieter operation). That wasn't the big issue though as I could just load it up myself with a heap of balls, the main problem though, was that it just didn't send the ball far enough! Only a few metres at best, the blurb says 10m or 14 in the right conditions. Ours was nowhere near that far sadly. I suppose if you have a small dog who doesn't need to run too far and is easily pleased this may be ok. I would not recommend for an active dog, who loves to run and chase balls.
When it was delivered initially, a part was broken on it. But, Tennis Warehouse were fantastic in both their customer support and sending out a new machine immediately! 10/10 for service.

Note from TWA: Thanks for your appreciation of our support & sorry you did not enjoy this product. I can confirm this machine does shoot 10 - 14m as I personally use it with my dogs regularly. Did you check that the distance on the base of the machine was set to the maximum? Also, using good tennis balls will make a difference too. The G3 machine is a little bit noisy and does scare some dogs, the G4 model is quieter and may suit your dogs better.

Review by Nicola (Posted on 28/07/2015)

It's great, but?.

Great machine, my dog learned to put the balls in himself in about 10 minutes of getting it. He loves it, unfortunately the little reed switch that triggers the motor is directly in the "drool" zone, so the dog slobber drips into the switch and stops it working. Not an issue if your dog doesn't put a heap of slobber on the ball. Otherwise it's a 10 out of 10

Review by Jonathan (Posted on 21/07/2015)

Good concept, design needs improvement

The G3 bucket was too tall for my dog (note: the new G4 design has a lower bucket design). Would be good if the angle was adjustable.

Review by Scoot85 (Posted on 21/07/2015)

fantastic the dogs love it

Fantastic, the dogs love it

Review by Wendy (Posted on 21/07/2015)

Best fun for my dog

Brilliant. Took my Kelpie Taco 2 days to master. Now we he comes inside with his ball we tell him to go outside and say "bucket" and he puts his ball in the bucket and has the best fun. i have never seen his tail wag as fast before.

Review by Kay (Posted on 5/06/2015)


simple and effective. the dogs dont know how to work it yet..but we are already having fun!

Review by Diane (Posted on 16/04/2015)

Very easy to use and works well

The GoDogGo machine was very easy to use straight out of the box and doesn't need any set up whenever I want to use it; just carry it outside and start using it (and it works flawlessly).

Review by Taras (Posted on 24/03/2015)

Good product

The G3 model scared the dogs at first, now they love it. Good quality.

Review by Nathan (Posted on 8/12/2014)

Who doesn't like it?

I love the GoDogGo my dog can just play with it outside for hours. it is easy to set up. I LOVE IT.

Review by Emma (Posted on 19/09/2014)

great ball tosser,

I love it, scared my dog (note, this review was written about the G3, the new G4 model has a quieter operation). we have issues to get over. tosses it lovely and a good distance for my dog. I find the remote a tab cheaply made. but works well.

Review by wendy (Posted on 28/03/2014)

Good product, but haven't found it sturdy enough

I loved the concept of being able to switch between auto and manual, but i have found that the remote doesn't last very long having it only on for 1 hours over three days and it already ran out.
Also the unit itself is really cool, but the sensor that the ball lands on to initiate the next wind up seems to sense it only one or twice, then the next time the dogs drop it in it doesn't sense the ball, so the ball just sits there while my dogs look at it in agony waiting for it to go off. I then have to pick up the ball and replace it down on the sensor.
I really like the unit, but would have liked the sensor to be a bit more hardy.
The dogs love it and they get very excited when it comes outside under my arm!

Review by Mella (Posted on 29/11/2013)

Millie loves this

A couple of teething problems, the remote batteries were flat when we got it and it sometimes needs to be adjusted as the ball doesn't seem to sit in the right position, however Millie has spent all day today even in the heat repeatedly not sure how the neighbours feel about the constant rhythm. Can be viewed on youtube Millie and Go Dog Go

As far as using batteries yes, it does drain them pretty quick so can only have one when someone is home to provide the power but this should be enough to tire her out.

Review by Denise (Posted on 27/10/2013)


My Dog Holly loves her GoDogGo. She knows exactly where to stand and exactly when the ball is going to be released. I can see she will have hours of fun with this machine. Thank you very much.

Review by Holly (Posted on 17/10/2013)

great product for energetic dog

good build and quality make.

Review by pilbara flyer (Posted on 7/10/2013)

Cool product - great for kids to learn tennis

Cool product - great for kids to learn tennis, took it to the local tennis court and got it set up - kids had a ball... trajectory not ideal for "tennis" but at the price its sold for is a great tool to get the kids involved and interested in tennis.. just need to buy a lot more balls !

Review by Carson (Posted on 1/10/2013)

Good but not for my dog

My ball crazy dog doesn't like it. Doesn't like the whirring noise and runs inside. He would rather wear me out throwing the ball than a noisy machine that spits it out too high regardless of the setting. I have yet to take it to the dog park where I have more room and he can see other dogs playing with it.

Review by Kerri (Posted on 5/09/2013)

Great Product

Our puppy can't get enough of her new toy, she will play with it until she is absolutely exhausted if allowed. It's great exercise for her and so easy to use.

Review by Brendan (Posted on 12/08/2013)

It could shoot a bit further.


Review by Mitch (Posted on 31/07/2013)

A Must For All Ball Crazy Dogs

We have a ball crazy Kelpie, who came to us as a rescue. She has has a very hard beginning in life and we discovered she loves chasing tennis balls. I brought her this machine for her first 'Gotcha Day'. Best investment ever. She plays it none stop. All day everyday. Catching the ball on the full, doing back flips and spins in the air. We have is set up inside, down the hall way. Great exercise for those cold wet days when you can't walk the dog. Thanks Tennis Warehouse Australia, best customer service. I just wish we could order more of the GoDogGo Tennis Balls from the website, can't seem to find them there.

Review by Melissa (Posted on 30/07/2013)

Needs two size buckets

It is good,but my miniature poodle is not putting the ball back in the bucket,He finds it a bit to high.he is very selective with his ball of choice ie he can smell one ball from another and wants a particular would be good if there was a small bracket as well,as I think he would place the ball into a smaller bucket.I am sure we will get there in the end as he puts the ball in a water feature,a small waste paper basket and in wet paint trays.

Review by Benji loves his ball (Posted on 10/02/2013)

good little machine

As a professional working with a lot of dogs, We priced many ball machines and this was by far the best priced. It was also the only one designed specifically for dogs. The only complaint I have is that remote control chews batteries really quickly, having lasted only two days. (not heavy use either) A lot of our dogs really love it and enjoy it, but I wouldn't recommend it to dogs that like to destroy the balls, as the balls need to be "round" for it to work properly! All in all a very good product.

Review by revrev (Posted on 11/07/2012)


For our ball obsessed Poppy, this is a great product. All we have to do now is to teach her to put the ball back in the bucket.
Excellent service from Tennis Warehouse.

Review by Yecirp (Posted on 27/12/2011)


My dog Ruski loves his new ball machine. He gets so excited and focused he can't get enough. He has so much fun & gets plenty of exercise and enjoyment from it. Just need to teach him to put the balls back. Check Ruski out on YouTube. Type in Ruski godoggo and see for yourself! Thanks awesome product!

Review by 'Chelle (Posted on 27/10/2011)

Recommendation: Tips to train your dog to use it properly

Machine itself is a great concept, didn't think it would be hard to train my dog to put the ball back in the bucket.. but this is proving difficult

Review by JOnesie (Posted on 25/10/2011)

You'll love it!!!

My dog loves this thing, as do I...When I had a problem with the unit they sent a replacement at no cost!!! Not even shipping!!! This is one company that stands behind their product and refuse to give in to the disposable mindset that is ruining this world!!!

Review by Bill Perry (Posted on 27/03/2010)


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