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WISE Tension Head

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The WISE Tension Head (Series 12) is designed to convert your existing manual pull or drop weight machine to a modern constant pull stringing machine. It takes only minutes to simply remove your manual tension head and clamp on the electronic head.

  • Converts wind back or drop weight machines
  • Accuracy to a tenth of a pound
  • Continuous pull or lock out tensioning
  • Tension can be set in pounds or kilos
  • Digital readout
  • Speed control - 3 speed settings
  • New switch behind the grippers for easier and quicker stringing
  • Touch pad stringing or a foot control is available as an optional extra
  • Pre-stretch function to varying percentages
  • Memory banks and other time savers
  • Diablo included
  • Series 12 model now has a 100 kg load cell, compared to previous versions 40 kg
  • Series 12 model now includes a track stabilizer not seen on earlier models
  • Series 12 model now has a new improved key pad, sound can be turned off
  • Series 12 model now uses optical sensors instead of magnetic sensors
  • 2 year Australian warranty

Watch this video explaining how it works:

Manual Crank Conversion

Dropweight conversion


Diablo: The diablo is the round attachment in front of the string gripper which you can wrap string around. It's ideal for multifilament and natural gut strings to reduce crushing the string in the clamp. The height is adjustable for use with different machines. This is now included with the machine as a standard feature.

Foot Pedal: To speed up the stringing process, simply add on the foot pedal allowing you to touch it with your foot to activate the pull mechanism. This keeps your hands free and decreases stringing time. Click here for more information.

Drop Weight Bracket: If you plan to convert a drop weight machine, you will need to add a drop weight bracket. This bracket fits perfectly to Spinfire stringing machines as well as various other brands (hole spacing is 70mm from centres, designed for two M8 x 25mm screws (screws are not included, you should use the original screws that were holding in place the drop weight mechanism)). Some models (other than Spinfire) may require an extra hole to be drilled into this bracket to make it fit or even to widen the existing bracket holes so that the original screws can fit through. Click here for more information.

Gamma Adaptor: For Gamma, Klip, iStringer and other similar machines, you may wish to raise the tension head higher. To achieve this, you will need the Gamma Adaptor. Click here for more information.

Gripper Switch Adaptor: This after-market adaptor has been designed to perfectly fit any WISE Tension Head with the red button switch on the back of the gripper. Simply install this adaptor over the top of the red button to improve your stringing experience. Once installed, you can simply pull your string onto the adaptor lever to activate the pull. Click here for more information.

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website here:

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Customer Reviews


I upgraded my crank machine. This is a great product, easy to install and use. build quality is solid. The constant pull means consistent quality on every racquet I've done since. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is considering purchase of the Wise tension head.

Review by Lee (Posted on 15/06/2015)

This is my second wise 2086

These are great tensioners very easy to operate and have several easy to set functions highly recommended and great service from the tennis warehouse A1

Review by Dennis (Posted on 30/04/2014)

Relatively quick to set up and easy to use

I converted my EGNAS crank to use with Wise Tension Head and am
happy with the constant pull which gives me the tension I wanted for badminton stringing. initially I did not use the diabolo and the gripper was slipping. I have re ordered the diabolo and am very happy with that
the stringing could now be done with ease.

I have been looking everywhere and am glad that I have foud the Wise Tesnion head for my badminton stringing.

Review by wildmanofBorneo (Posted on 6/04/2013)

Highly Recommended Upgrade!

I upgraded my Eagnas Combo 910 manual crank stringing machine with the Wise 2086 tension head about 3 months ago. I have since restrung over 70 tennis, badminton and squash racquets with it.

The 2086 directly replaced my manual crank (no drilling required) and took less than 5 minutes to install. I also retained 360 degrees rotation of the turntable (a bonus).

I used to have to calibrate my manual crank machine every restring (because it seemed to frequently vary). I am now confident that the tension is set accurately every time I use the 2086. I am also confident that each string pull is more consistent, aided by the audible signal when the correct tension has been reached.

I am far happier with the "constant pull" mechanism of the 2086 versus the "lockout" mechanism of my manual crank. The ability to vary pulling speed, add "pre-stretch" and to revert back to "lockout", if required, are added bonuses.

I use the foot pedal. This leaves my hands free to unclamp, etc, whilst pulling to tension. It makes things simpler and saves time.

I am very happy with this upgrade and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting more accurate and consistent restrings from their manual crank machine. The fact that I am taking the time to write this review shows how happy I am with it!

Review by Les (Posted on 28/11/2012)

Time saving simplicity

Easy to install on my TST Pro 100 with only one hole to drill, taking only a few minutes to become familiar with the buttons, and a few strings to become familiar with the operations my first restring was about 10 minutes quicker than usual. The ease of operation and lack of effort to string will keep me stringing for a long time.

Review by Campbell (Posted on 13/05/2011)


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