Lobster Elite 2 vs Spinfire Pro 1

The Lobster Elite 2 and Spinfire Pro 1 are both very capable tennis ball machines and any player looking for a challenging workout and a great practice session should feel confident purchasing either.

Both machines are capable of shooting balls at 130km/h, provide random horizontal oscillation, challenge the player with topspin or backspin and have the convenience of electric height adjustment.

What sets the Elite 2 apart from the Pro 1 is the automatic vertical oscillation feature, adding the extra challenge of balls landing at varying depths. This, as well as its smaller body size and larger transport wheels, makes the Elite 2 a very capable machine.

When deciding which machine to purchase, also consider that the Pro 1 has internal oscillation, helping to disguise the direction of the next ball, extra 50-ball capacity, a choice of three different power sources and an LCD display with soft touch buttons. These features come at a fraction of the cost of the Elite 2, which is already pricier than the higher specced Spinfire Pro 2.

Lobster Elite 2 $3,299.00 Buy now Spinfire Pro 1 $2,395.00 Buy now
Top Speed Top speed possible when there is no spin. 130 km/h 130 km/h
Slowest Speed Slowest speed possible. 32 km/h 32 km/h
Interval The min and max time possible between balls being fired. 2-10 seconds 2-15 seconds
Spin Whether the machine is capable of producing topspin and slice.
Electronic Elevation Ability to raise and lower the vertical angle of the delivery.
Elevation Degree The vertical angle of the delivery. 60° 60°
Horizontal Oscillation Ability to fire balls randomly anywhere within the horizontal span of the court (no variation in depth).
Vertical Oscillation Ability to offer random variation in depth to allow for practicing of short and deep balls.
Electric Option Can the machine be run directly from an AC power point, rather than via a battery? Running off AC can eliminate the headaches associated with batteries, charging them and replacing them when necessary.
Battery Can the machine be run off a battery?
Battery Life The min and max play time possible when using the battery. 4-8 hours 3-8 hours
Battery size 18 A/h 20 A/h
Charge Time Amount of time required to charge a flat battery using the standard charger. 18 hours 11 hours
Fast Charger Can a fast charger be purchased to reduce the charging time? Optional Optional
Ball Capacity The total number of balls that can fit into the hopper. As a general rule, we feel 150 is the minimum we would recommend. 150 200
Portable Has wheels and a handle to allow easy movement to and from the tennis courts (from the back of a car).
Weight The weight of the machine without tennis balls installed. Note, the Spinfire Pro 2 can be purchased with an external battery, so 18 kg represents the weight of the machine only without a battery inside. 18 kg (24 kg internal battery) 18 kg
Remote Does the machine offer a remote control to allow easy settings adjustments from the other end of the court? Note, all remotes are different, including the number of buttons and functions each can supply, so look for a photo of the remote you are considering to understand its features. Also, Tennis Tutor in Australia does not offer a remote control, but this may be possible to purchase in other parts of the world. Optional
2 Line Drill This is a drill which shoots one ball to the forehand, followed by a ball to the backhand, and it repeats endlessly. It will keep you running from side to side until you can take it no longer. Some machines offer this in just WIDE and NARROW, while others offer WIDE, MEDIUM and NARROW for a bit more flexibility. It's also a great drill to use when two players are practising together with a ball machine, as it will alternate firing a ball between each player.
Optional Spare Battery A spare battery is great for coaches or those heavy users who don't always have time to charge their battery between sessions, or may want even more play time than the standard minimum that each machine can provide.
Heavy Duty Battery
Optional Storage Cover These are great for protecting your machine from dust and debris, but we do not recommend you leave them out on court.
Warranty This is the standard manufacturer's warranty. Some machines do have the option to upgrade their warranty to up to 5 years for an additional fee. 3 Years 2 Years (Optional 5 years)
  • Vertical oscillation
  • Very portable
  • Huge battery
  • Fast oscillation
  • Great warranty
  • Internal Oscillation (disguises delivery)
  • LCD control panel with membrane touch buttons
  • Large ball capacity
  • Optional external battery - decreases machine weight and simplifies charging (only take the battery inside for charging)
  • Huge Battery
  • 2 year warranty with an option for 5 years.
  • Best spin levels we've seen
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • No 'Electric Only Option'
  • Travelling wheels could be larger
  • A little bit bulky
Price $3,299.00 Buy now $2,395.00 Buy now