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Lobster Elite 3 Ball Machine

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The Lobster Elite 3 offers all of the features on the Elite 2, plus a narrow and wide, two-line drill feature.

Experience a machine that simulates match play with horizontal and vertical oscillation together with two versatile, pre-programmed options for narrow and wide forehand and backhand sweeping shots.

That's not all! Combine vertical and two-line oscillation to adjust the depth of your two-line drill.

With the most comprehensive oscillation features of any ball machine, the Elite Model 3 is the perfect tool to improve and advance all aspects of your game.

This machine includes the triple oscillation feature of model two, allowing it to randomly oscillate from left to right (horizontal) and also vertically as well. This means you can receive variation in depth while the machine is oscillating. Please call us if you would like a more detailed explanation about how this works.

Designed for maximum durability, the battery operated Elite III offers an unparalleled 4-8 hours of court time. Its ergonomic design allows for easy transportation with a full hopper. Imagine improving your tennis game, while having the time of your life. The Elite's 130km/h ground strokes, full corner-to-corner random oscillation, sky-high lobs, and heavy spin will take your game to new levels.

Tennis Ball Machine Fast

Tennis Ball Machine Remote


  • Variable Speed Control (32 km/h - 130 km/h)
  • Variable Ball Feed Rate (2 - 10 second intervals)
  • Variable Elevation: 0° - 50° (Groundstroke to Lob)
  • Triple Oscillation: Random Horizontal, Random Vertical & Random Horizontal & Vertical.
  • 150 Ball Capacity
  • Heavy Duty Long Life Rechargeable Battery (4 - 8 hours)
  • Approximately 18kgs
  • Three year parts & labour warranty
  • Top spin & slice

OPTIONS (Check the drop down boxes at the top of this page for pricing):

  • elite10 Infrared Remote**
  • Premium Fast Charger***
  • Cover

**elite10 remote can control speed, spin, elevation, feed & horizontal oscillation.

*** The Premium Fast Charger can recharge the battery in only 1-3 hours as opposed to 18 hours with the standard charger. Please note that the premium fast charger must not be left on for more than 24 hours or it can damage the battery.


The Lobster Elite III Specifications:

Lobster Elite III
Speed Km/h
Top Spin & Slice
Ball Feed S/I
AC Adapter
Two Line Drill
Triple Oscillation
Battery Life
4-8 hours
Ball Capacity
H/Duty Battery

Charger Information:

Basic Charger

  • 12-24 hours charge time
  • 1 Amp charge speed until 50% full
  • Sub-1 Amp charge speed for final 50%
  • Comes standard on this model in Australia

Fast Charger

  • 6-9 hours charge time
  • 1 Amp charge speed - constant rate until the last hour
  • Not available on this model in Australia - Comes standard on Elite 4, 5 & 5 LE

Premium Fast Charger

  • 1-3 hours charge time
  • 3 Amp charge speed
  • Charges at 3 amps per hour at a steady rate all the way through the charging period
  • Can be purchased as an optional extra

Customer Review

I have recently purchased a Lobster Elite III from Tennis Warehouse Australia and my family and I have found it to be an excellent machine. 

The machine is relatively light (18kgs) and compact and therefore easily manouverable around the court, and also to and from storage by an adult or child.  It is also importantly aesthetically quite pleasing to the eye on the court unlike some of the other contraptions available. The machine is also twin wheel based and is reasonably quiet compared to say pneumatic machines.

The functionality on this machine is awesome.  Vertical and horizontal oscillation, top spin and back spin, variable speed and feed rates in varying combinations can be used as drills for developing and refining technique (great for kids) or can be pushed to higher intensity and speed levels game like shot making under pressure (excellent for fitness as well) 

The Lobster Elite III also includes the "two line drill" function which is a great warm up function on narrow or wide horizontal oscillation.  This function allows you to load say 100 balls into the machine and warm up as the machine feeds alternative back and forehand in either a wide or narrow oscillation at a reasonable feed rate.

I have also found Tennis Warehouse Australia's after sales service and advice to be excellent. 

The Elite III is a machine which will not leave you wondering whether you have all the functionality you need.  I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone who is serious about purchasing a quality ball machine

Sydney, Australia


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