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Spinfire Pro 1 Ball Machine

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The Spinfire Pro 1 is a revolutionary new ball machine providing unique features not offered by similar machines. Most notably, Spinfire offers internal oscillation generally only seen on more expensive machines. Its stylish design allows for a 200 ball capacity while also being extremely portable and compact for storage. This model features horizontal oscillation, extreme spin, LCD display, membrane touch panel and more! 


This machine can be upgraded from the Pro 1 to the Pro 2 for a fee of $900. We can send you the upgrade pack, there is no need to return it to our store.

Internal Oscillation:

Most ball machines oscillate from side to side by moving the whole body of the machine, which is slow and also has the added disadvantage of telegraphing the delivery to the user. This machine oscillates internally and moves much more quickly making it far less predictable. 

Counter rotating wheels:

Counter rotating wheels are the most silent and effective method of ball propulsion. This design combined with Spinfire's "extreme grip" throwing wheels allows for maximum topspin and slice.  

Horizontal oscillation:

This machine is capable of oscillating (sweeping) horizontally, giving you random forehands & backhands. This can be done for the full width of the singles court, or, if you'd like to make things a bit easier, you can turn on the "medium" setting. 


The Spinfire series of ball machines allow for the hopper to be reversed to neatly cover the machine making it very compact. The solid wheels and handle allow you to easily move the machine. The handle is stored underneath the machine and extends when required.

Spinfire Pro Compact Spinfire Pro Wheeled

Internal or External Battery:

We now provide the option of either an internal or external battery configuration. With the innovative Spinfire External Battery Pack your ball machine is much lighter, allowing you to leave it in the car and bring inside only the battery for charging.

External Battery Configuration: Only carry the battery inside for charging

AC Only:

If you have easy access to a power point and would prefer not to worry about recharging batteries, you can choose an electric only option. Your machine will weigh just 18 kg. Of course, you can also purchase an external battery pack too for times when you want flexibility.

Extreme Spin:

Spinfire's "extreme grip" throwing wheels can provide very heavy topspin & slice. Of course, you can always set the spin to much easier levels for more realistic practice.

Spinfire Pro 1
Speed Km/h
32km/h - 130km/h
Yes - Topspin & Slice
Ball Feed S/I
2 to 15 seconds
Groundstroke to lob
Horizontal Oscillation
Yes (wide & medium)
Vertical Oscillation
Triple Oscillation
Battery Life
3-8 hours
Ball Capacity
24 Kg
2 Line Drill
H/Duty Battery
Recharge Time
11 hours
Collapsed Dimensions
49cm (H) x 51cm (W) x 67cm (L)

LCD display and membrane touch panel:

The control panel on the Spinfire has a back lit LCD menu showing settings for ball interval, speed, spin and elevation level. The membrane touch panel has a strong aesthetic appeal and is easy to use. It also includes a 4 bar battery indicator.


Utilising infrared and magnetic sensors, the Spinfire Pro 1 will calibrate itself before every use, allowing you to line up the machine to the centre of the court. When turning the horizontal off the machine will calibrate itself back to its original position.


After spending time learning your favourite settings and inputting them into the machine, it's nice to know that they have been memorised. Each time you turn on the machine it recalls the last settings you were using for interval, speed and spin.


The Spinfire series of machines come with an outstanding 2 year warranty in Australia on parts and labour (the battery only has a 6 month warranty). Furthermore, all shipping costs associated with the repair (both ways) are covered under this 2 year warranty. For an additional $250, the warranty can be extended to 5 years (does not include shipping costs or the battery).


Spinfire offer the following optional extras:

Fast Charger - will charge the machine in 3-4 hours instead of 11 hours.
Cover - will protect the machine from dust, debris, leaves, etc. It should not be used to leave the machine out on the court in the weather (it is water resistant but not water proof). The machine can still be wheeled while using this cover.
Carry Case - this heavy duty carry case will allow you to use the handles to transport the machine to and from your destination. It also includes pockets for storing the remote control and other accessories. It is water resistant, but not water proof. The machine can still be wheeled while using this case.

Spinfire cover Spinfire Carry Case
Cover Carry Case


90 day money back guarantee

We are so confident you will love the performance of this machine, that we are offering a Tennis Warehouse Australia 90 day money back guarantee. This means that if within 90 days of your purchase date, you wish to exchange your machine for an alternative brand in our store, we will happily give you a full store credit for the purchase price of your machine. If you simply want your money back and don't wish to purchase a different machine, we offer your money back less a 10% rental fee. Purchaser will pay for any shipping costs unless there is a fault with the machine.


Horizontal Oscillation - Wide

Horizontal Oscillation - Wide: In the diagram above, you can see how balls are randomly fired horizontally across the court to the full width of the singles lines. The depth can be manually set (in this example it's set to hit the baseline), but it will not vary through this drill. This causes the player to move from side to side, with no forward or backward movement. See this feature in our video at 2:17


Horizontal Oscillation - Medium

Horizontal Oscillation - Medium: In this diagram, you can see how balls are randomly fired horizontally across the court but not to the full width of the singles lines (this is easier than the wide version). The depth can be manually set (in this example it's set to hit the baseline), but it will not vary through this drill. This causes the player to move from side to side, with no forward or backward movement.

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  • Spinfire Pro 1 Ball Machine Specifications
  • Brand: Spinfire
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  • Specifications:

    Speed km/h: 32-130km/h
    Spin: Topspin and Backspin (slice)
    Elevation range: Groundstroke to lob
    Ball Capacity: 200
    Recharge Time: 11 hours (standard charger from empty)
    Weight: 18-24kg
    Dimensions Collapsed: 49 x 51 x 67cm

    Internal Oscillation
    Counter rotating wheels
    Horizontal Oscillation
    Vertical Oscillation
    Three power options available

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